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When Li Lang heard Yi Feng say this, he frowned slightly. After thinking about it, he lowered his voice and said bluntly, "Just ask the emperor. Which side will the emperor stand on?" Yi Feng smiled and looked at the two beautiful figures on the stage. "One is my sworn brother, and the other is my woman," he said with a slight smile. Which side would you choose if Lilang were a big candidate? Li Lang was stupefied. Then he said with a wry smile, "The emperor will shirk it, but is the young suzerain of the Holy Yin Sect really a woman of the emperor?"? Ha ha, the emperor's pressure can be great, this woman, is not so easy to conquer, standing behind a giant. Yi Feng smiled and said, "It's a bit troublesome!"! But can a man still be afraid of this trouble? Li Lang heard Yi Feng's words, he also laughed, looking at the field of Shidaier, even with his strength, can not help but have a flame rising up. But Lilang knew very well that such a woman was far from what he could touch, otherwise he would not know how to die. At this point, Li Lang admires Yi Feng very much. Knowing that Shidaier is the successor of the Great Arm of the Demon Sect, Shengyin Sect,ghana seed extract, she dares to touch it. Yi Feng looked at Li Lang and suddenly opened his mouth and said, "I don't care about her and Long Tian." When Li Lang heard Yi Feng's words, he immediately understood Yi Feng's position. He bowed to Yi Feng and said, "Thank you for telling me!" Yi Feng smiled and looked at Shi Daier. He didn't believe that Shi Daier would be so kind to help Long Ming. The demon queen and Shi Daier are both people who eat people and don't spit bones, and Yi Feng doesn't intend to be among them. As for Long Tian, Yi Feng could not help smiling at the corners of his mouth. He doesn't want life to be exciting.. Love ? Now the scene of the empire, also enough to play his exciting. Love 。 Besides, Long Tian doesn't want Yi Feng to help him. As Yi Feng said,ghana seed extract, the two of them cooperate, then who is the main and who is the auxiliary?! "Since the emperor doesn't ask, just look at the fight in the field!" Li Lang said to Yi Feng with a smile. Yi Feng turned his head to take a look and said slowly to Li Lang, "It's a good idea for Lord Panlong to play!" "Oh.." Li Lang smiled shyly, and when he saw Yi Feng see through his eldest brother's meaning, he was also slightly embarrassed. My eldest brother just has a bad choice, so he uses this method. Lilang explained. Yi Feng didn't say anything more, but the idea was a good one. But it can only be used once, even if the two women did not win or lose, the ancient city of Panlong must also choose to stand in line. Yi Feng doesn't believe that Long Tian will have such good patience. If the other side really refuses, I'm afraid it's a war against each other. At this time, the three princes are no longer princes, but emperors who control half of the power of the empire. It is not difficult to deal with a disobedient city. Although the folkway of this city is tough, and the strength of the castellan is super strong. In the field, mulberry leaf extract weight loss ,akba boswellic acid, Shui Ruoyun and Shi Daier seemed to have sparks again, and their high-level skills were constantly displayed, like fireworks. Crackling in the void, the two women's sword across the angle more and more tricky, each sword is rubbing each other's body, as long as there is the slightest mistake, afraid that the other side's body opened a blood hole. Yi Feng frowned at this scene, even he was frightened to see it. Yi Feng breathed a sigh of relief and suddenly said to Li Lang, "Go back and tell your Lord about today's competition.". The two are tied. Tell him to think of something else. Before Lilang could reflect it, Yi Feng's figure flashed into the void again. Two small blue lotus flowers appeared in the direction of the two women's sword tips, and then burst open fiercely, the power of the outbreak, instantly let the two women stop their footsteps, the two women with fighting spirit to resist the impact. Enough fighting, go back, today's game is tied! Yi Feng looked at the two women and said lightly. Brother Feng, but I. Shidel looked at Shidel with some dissatisfaction and said. I said enough! Yi Feng turned to look at Shi Daier and said in a rather cold tone. When Shi Daier saw Yi Feng's appearance, she pouted and muttered discontentedly, "Enough is enough. Why are you so mean?". Humph, rascal! Shui Ruoyun also frowned and said, "Is Elder Martial Brother Yi Feng too lenient?" Yi Feng looked at Shui Ruoyun and said lightly, "If you are not satisfied, I can play with you again. I think you should not be convinced last time." Shui Ruoyun listens to Yi Feng to say so, her facial expression changed slightly, just want to speak. But was interrupted by a sentence: "Oh, since you have this interest, then I accompany you to fight?" Say that finish, a figure fell to the arena, looking at the figure, there was an uproar below. 836 Chapter 836 "I won't be annoyed with Mr. Fengxiao about my business!" Shui Ruoyun looked at the man, frowned, and then said slowly. How interesting! I think brother Yi is also embarrassed to attack a woman. Wouldn't it be better if I did it? What does Yi Feng mean? Feng Xiao smiled and turned his eyes to Yi Feng, his eyes full of provocation. Yi Feng pondered at the wind roar, after a moment suddenly said: "Women are not chasing like this!"! No wonder Ruoyun disdains you! In a word, let the wind roar face slightly red. The original smile disappeared completely. Looking at Yi Feng, he snorted sullenly and said, "How do you think brother Yi should pursue a woman?" "Coercion and inducement are strong in medicine, and any one or several methods are all right!" Yi Feng said casually. Puff.. Yi Feng's words, immediately let Shi Daier giggle, this is really like Feng brother's true colors, if let him to pursue the water if the cloud, afraid is to use these methods. People heard Yi Feng's words, one by one looking at Yi Feng with a strange face, unexpectedly this kind of despicable trick, he actually has the face to say so fair and aboveboard. Brother Yi is really different from ordinary people. No wonder the man who is a witch acts in a despicable way to show her true qualities. Feng Xiao did not waste the opportunity of Yi Feng, and looked at Yi Feng contemptuously and said. As soon as Feng Xiao's words were finished,phycocyanin spirulina, the people in Shui Ruoyun's camp, who claimed to be from a decent family, laughed wildly one by one.


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