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"You are strong, you are too strong, perverted strong, I admit, I accept the task." Lin Fei said to the God of War system in his brain, too lazy to argue with the God of War system in his brain. Lin Fei admitted defeat this time. This is not to let himself refuse. This is a threat. Exiling the plague world or the virus world full of viruses is no different from seeking death. It's better to carry out the task honestly. As for the "equality" of the system, Lin Fei believed that if he believed this, he would not be far from death. Ripper girl, I agree to go with you to help your classmates, remember your promise, when will we go? Lin Fei asked into the wristwatch intercom. I knew you were the best, Lin Fei. I like your straightforward character so much. I'm leaving. She doesn't live in the Big Dipper now, but it's not far from the Big Dipper. You drive a suspension car to take off from a spaceship in the east of the college. I'll wait for you there. Said the ripper. You feel refreshed, but I am aware of the warmth and coldness. See you later in the three universes. Lin Fei said that he hung up his wristwatch communicator and regretted accepting the communication invitation from the ripper woman. Then Lin Fei spent some time putting the food prepared in the villa into a big bag and carrying it to the basement. This time in the basement, Wu Xiaoman has been used to taking care of his abnormal master every time he carries a lot of food, knowing that Lin Fei is going out again. How long are you going to walk this time? Wu Xiaoman looked at Lin Fei pitifully and asked. This time, the shortest is three days, and the longest is half a month. You stay to exercise well and try to get out of trouble as soon as possible. Don't think about running away. This house is designed by me. The decoration cost is a lot. And I checked it before you were locked up. You can't run out at all. Lin Fei patted Wu Xiaoman's little head and said,hydraulic fitting supplier, then turned and left. Three cosmic hours later, the sky has been completely dark, the time is already after midnight. Especially in the open suburbs, the wind is blowing, if a thin person, can be blown away. In this weather and time, Lin Fei drove the suspension car to the appointed place. As he was on his way,stainless steel tube fitting, Lin Fei cursed the ripper girl: "Hurry up, set the time for the latter half of the night, and sooner or later it will turn into chicken feathers.". Lin Fei's suspension car stopped outside the spacecraft's take-off field, and the ripper woman, dressed in a black windbreaker, waited for Lin Fei. Go, board the plane quickly. Every second is money. My friend gave me money to hire a private spaceship and a pilot for me. I'll tell you the details when you meet. It's night now. You can go to the room on the spaceship to sleep first. Tomorrow you and I will be busy. The disemboweling goddess said to Lin Fei in secret. Just Lin Fei is not interested in this mission, or sleep, Lin Fei boarded the spacecraft, found a senior small room, lying in a small bed began to sleep. And the ripper woman looked at Lin Fei's quick figure, originally prepared to answer Lin Fei's question, tube fitting manufacturer ,14 tube fitting, there was no place to say, "This is too fast, I just politely give way." Ripper woman thought, also boarded the spaceship, found a small room to sleep. The spacecraft began to take off, Lin Fei felt a slight shaking, it seems that the technology of the spacecraft pilot is not bad. Then Lin Fei fell asleep. At noon the next day, the spaceship landed on a small planet not far from Beidou. Lin Fei was dragged out of the small room on the spaceship by the ripper woman. After washing, he went out. A girl with big sunglasses, yellow wavy hair, tight white jacket and jeans waved to the ripper and Lin Fei. She's the patient I told you about. Her name is Olya, and she is also a researcher in biology and genetics. The ripper woman whispered to Lin Fei and pulled Lin Fei forward quickly. If you had said she was a little beauty, I would have come earlier. Lin Fei breathed and answered, obviously not awake. Great, Ripper, and her friend Lin Fei. It's really my honor that you can come to help me this time. Find a cafe first, and I'll tell you what happened. The little beauty who called Ou Liya came forward and said enthusiastically to Lin Fei and the ripper girl. Instead of a coffee shop, let's go to a restaurant. The main thing is that I'm hungry. [Odd `book `net `whole.. Reason 'mention.. Supply Lin Fei put forward his own opinion. Chapter 228 new species of female elves. Chapter 228 new species of female elves. Hearing that Lin Fei was going to have lunch, the ripper felt normal. After all, they had been in the spaceship all night. Now it was noon, and the ripper felt a little hungry. I know there is a restaurant with good environment and local characteristics nearby. Let's go there. Olya answered with a smile. Half a cosmic hour later, Lin Fei, the ripper, and Ou Liya sat in a small private room, where a large table full of rich dishes was placed on the table. Lin Fei and the ripper woman are not polite people, the dishes are not all, they eat up. But Olya did not touch the dishes, but picked up the teacup and began to drink tea quietly. When Lin Fei and the ripper woman ate almost the same, Olya took out a virtual projector and handed it to Lin Fei and the ripper woman. You two, take a look at the video introduction, and the cause of the problem is in it. Ou Liya said to Lin Fei and the ripper with some embarrassment, and got up to lock the door of the private room to prevent the waiter from entering. The ripper woman took the virtual projector, put it in front of her plate, and pressed the open button. Later, Lin Fei and the ripper saw a picture of a very advanced biochemical laboratory in the virtual picture. Several workers in white research clothes were working in the laboratory, and Olya was among them. In the picture, there was a handsome old researcher who always appeared beside Olya. The picture began to change constantly, and Olya began to explain. He is my husband, Jeff Ke, the general director and chief researcher of this laboratory. After I married him, I found that there was no problem with our genes alone,14 needle valve, but they were extremely mismatched and could not be combined. To put it outside, we could not have children. For this reason, we are very upset. We want to have a child.


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