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Finally, at the unanimous request of many senior cadres of the mercenary regiment, Chi Hanfeng began to plan the overall situation within the small mercenary regiment, and made three rules: "First of all, we will not go to the mercenary guild to amend the name of the head (maybe Amy will come back); Amy will come back and hand over the power immediately; all cadres of the small mercenary regiment will obey the assignment and do whatever they are told to do." Daqingshan and Horns exchanged a look, how to listen, the last one seems to hide a murder-let do what to do, this is not a contract of sale? Alas. This time I'm afraid it's sent to the door to make fish. Daqingshan, how much money does the small mercenary regiment have now? As soon as the question came out, many cadres of the small mercenary regiment were greatly gratified, and the count's pulse was also accurate. The new head of the small mercenary regiment is really extraordinary. Uncle Chi, there seemed to be 150,000 gold coins on the books yesterday. Although the Imperial Army provided us with some food and salary, in fact, the mercenary regiment's salary was more than 50% higher than that of the Imperial Army, and we had to take care of a lot of livestock. At this rate, we will not have any surplus grain in three months. Daqingshan recently cried and slept with the account book in his arms every night,Nail machine manufacturer, and he was very clear about the account book. Feelings, the original simple as Daqingshan is not really miss Amy, but to be forced to go to the room. Heh. "" The middle-aged man laughed maliciously and said, "I'm in charge. All the 150,000 gold coins will be distributed to all the mercenary soldiers. Starting from the day after tomorrow, they will have a holiday if they don't gather for two weeks." Ah? The people in the cabin wondered if they had misheard? The money in the regiment is now so tight that the Count of the Pool said such a thing. Chi Hanfeng stared at Daqingshan: "Why do you keep it? Can you give birth to a baby?"? How did you promise me just now? Quick,Nail machine supplier, send it now! If you don't agree, come on, come on, you can still sit in this seat. "Yes." Daqingshan feebly promised, not in its position do not seek its government, as long as do not worry about this matter, whatever. Horns pulled him from behind and whispered to Daqingshan as he walked out, "Don't worry, the monk can't run away from the temple.". If we are really too poor, we will go to the Duke's house to eat him. You don't know how to get to the Duke's Palace, do you? Chi Hanfeng looked at many teenagers muttering ferociously to go out, the corners of the mouth can not help but show a smile. The teenagers of the small mercenary regiment were suddenly announced to have a holiday. Although most of the teenagers had lived outside the imperial capital for a long time, wire nail machine manufacturers ,High Speed Nail Making Machine, the children had never had a chance to leave the camp-Amy, Daqingshan, Chi Aotian and Horns had always been afraid of the security environment in the imperial capital. The four top cadres were often invited to the banquet in the imperial capital, and each time different women, especially some widows, were very fond of them, which made Amy and Horns often murmur: "The beautiful women in the imperial capital are tigers, and such tigers are the most powerful." Teenagers are not allowed to go out casually. This release, especially the new top leader actually showed great kindness and gave each person nearly a hundred gold coins at once. When did the children of poor families ever see so much money? The long-planned plan to buy things for the family can finally be implemented. As soon as Count Chi Hanfeng took over, he immediately won the unanimous praise of the mercenary regiment members-oh, in addition, among the senior cadres of the mercenary regiment, it was unanimously bad. Teenagers put on the best clothes in groups. For the children of poor families, when they are willing to spend money on clothes, the so-called best clothes are actually the "Imperial Knight" noble uniforms issued by the Red Stone Emperor to teenagers. Although it was in the imperial capital, the common people had never seen a group of twenty or thirty young imperial nobles in their teens roaring through one shop after another with smiles on their faces and wantonly purchasing all kinds of goods for their relatives in the ice and snow continent. There is no lack of curious people to inquire-of course, all this has fallen into the steps or traps of the Count of Chi Hanfeng to collect money. Such interesting news, of course, soon spread from the lower Liba people to the circle of imperial nobles and became the most fashionable talk at the moment. The count's adult did not move, let everyone in the empire know the two biggest advantages after becoming a member of the small mercenary regiment. The first is that any member of the regiment has great military exploits, and the worst is an imperial knight. The second is that he is rich, and few businessmen have seen a group of imperial soldiers buying things with several gold coins. Ten days later, Scambray suddenly made a big news: "The First Mercenary Regiment of the Empire is recruiting new members for the capital area!" With power in hand, it is not difficult to do things. The first real power faction in the capital area of the Empire used their power to paste a large recruitment notice on the eight giant gates of the Empire. Then, the nobles and officials of the capital area of the Empire received a red newspaper delivered to their doors, which introduced the recruitment criteria in detail; The mercenary guild not only used the guild system to send out the message, but also provided the recruitment details for many mercenaries at the preferential price of one silver coin. In the end, the count personally came forward and held the first toilet keeper Congress in Scambray. He gave each keeper a brush and asked them to brush the recruitment content in front of their toilet pits. If it is not done according to the regulations, then the count will personally issue an order forbidding all the guards, the colorful dragon knights and the swordsman camp to relieve themselves in the toilet, or will relieve themselves without paying, and will pull BB everywhere. The effect of the four major messaging systems launching an ad like carpet bombing at the same time is amazing. And the performance of the small mercenary regiment these days is obvious to all. As soon as the news of the recruitment spread, the first people to be excited were the nobles of the Empire. According to the imperial aristocracy system, even the imperial aristocracy, the title can only be passed to the eldest son, other children can have the title of imperial aristocracy is very good, do not want to promote the title, let alone have territory. Not long ago, many declining aristocrats wanted to send their children to the small mercenary regiment. Unfortunately,Nail Making Machine price, Amy and Chi Aotian, two elm pimples (the words of the current CEO of the small mercenary regiment), were so strict that most of them were brushed down without even passing the interview. There are undoubtedly more opportunities this time.