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Loft Conversion

Design and Build package 
Price starts from as low as £35,000

If you are considering a loft conversion project in London or the Home Counties, our Engineers and project managers will be pleased to impart with years of experience.  


Our team will take care of everything, including planning permission, party wall, structural design and construction. Our aim is to provide you with exclusive services like no other, and you will benefit from the following services:  

Fixed price:

Following our site visit, you will receive a detailed quote including a breakdown of all costs associated with the loft conversion. We are providing fixed quotes that will not change during the progress of the construction. The payment plan is in accordance with the work completed hence you so you will never pay any money upfront.  

All-Inclusive package: 

We offer including all-inclusive design and build package from obtaining planning permission, building regulation approval, statutory authority fees for planning and building control, acting as your agent fees, project management and contract administration and party wall to construction that includes fire regulation compliance, electrical certificate, plumbing, tiles, flooring, window and skylight sourcing and fitting and maintenance. Our Qualified Professionals will take care of everything including planning permission, party wall awards, structural design and construction eliminating the bottlenecks in designer/builder collaboration. 

Project management:

All our clients have their own dedicated project manager that will report weekly and monthly for the progress of works, liaise with you to order the required materials such as tiles, flooring, architrave and lighting to make sure the finished product is what you dreamed. You will be able to ask any questions and may have at any given point during design and construction. 

Client Management Dashboard:

We have a dedicated management system to keep track your project at any given point including a program of works, deadlines, RFIs, drawings, documents and certificates. It's a simple central system to include all the information required for the team of project managers, designers and building team and for you to monitor the progress of the loft conversion.

Dedicated customer service and aftercare:

We offer a dedicated hotline for all your enquiries alongside the project manager. Our team will be available to answer all your questions and chase the relevant authorities and suppliers on your behalf for a headache-free process. 



Loft conversion prices in London will range depending on size, scope and finished materials, whether you'll need to alter its structure and roof for staircase access, the type of conversion you're going for if you require an ensuite the typology of the windows required. As an average, loft conversion costs are anywhere between £35,000 and £65,000. 

The cost of the loft conversion also depends on the typology of the conversion itself. 

A basic, room conversion in the roof: for the most simplistic conversions, usually involving floor structural reinforcement, skylight(s), new insulation, a new staircase, heating and electrics plus fire safety compliance, and the prices start from approximately £20,000 (or around £1,250-£1,450 per square metre). 

A dormer loft conversion: including all the provisions as mentioned above, in addition to a dormer window. If you would like to increase the loft's head height, require more space, and you would like a large window at the rear then a dormer extension is the ideal package for you. Expect to pay from £35,000 for a standard loft conversion; for the inclusion of an en suite and new plumbing or a finish suited to a master suite bedroom, you're more likely to pay £55,000 upwards (or around £1,350-£1,550 per square metre).

A mansard extension: For a mansard extension expect to pay £45,000 to £80,000 upwards (from £1,600-£2,700 per sqm).

A hip-to-gable loft extension: expect to pay £45,000 to £70,000 upwards (costs range from £1,600-£2,600 per sqm).

A conversion that requires roof structure change: is the most costly alteration since you will remove and rebuild the roof; hence a specialist designer and builder must undertake the task. Expect to pay £60,000 upwards (or from £1,450-£1,750 per square metre).

We created a simple yet all-inclusive package to suit all your needs for a loft conversion, including planning permission, building regulation approval, structural design, party wall agreements and notices, building regulation-off, and construction. 

Our all-inclusive package 

Our all-inclusive package start from £35,000 including all costs from designing the loft, building regulation approval, statutory authority fees for planning and building control, acting as your agent fees, project management and contract administration, construction cost including fire regulation compliance, electrical certificate, plumbing, window and skylight sourcing and fitting and maintenance. 

Request a Free Quote

To obtain a free quote fill in the form and upload floor plans if available. We will send you a detailed quote within 24 hours. 

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