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What is included in a structural survey - Full Structural Survey GSI and SSI

General Structural Inspection (GSI) and Specific Structural Inspection (SSI)

A Structural Survey and reporting is often called 'Structural Engineers Report', or a 'Structural Survey'.

With structural surveys and reports it is essential to understand what is being inspected during the survey and reported on, what is included and what is not included. The two main types of structural reports are the following:

GENERAL STRUCTURAL INSPECTION (GSI) & REPORTING The Structural Engineer will inspect and report on the structural condition and adequacy of all the readily accessible load-bearing elements of the property (not just a specific problem or location). The inspection will include the roof structure, floors, external and internal load bearing walls, lintels, beams and columns. It will also include the surrounding site in case there are any factors which could indicate a risk to the foundations such as trees or other structures.

The report will detail the condition and structural adequacy of all the load bearing elements inspected. It will identify any structural defects and concerns and will detail what needs to be done for remedial works or what further investigations may be required. Where repairs and remedial works, or further investigations are required, the report may give budget costs, if requested.


This is the most popular report for a specific problem or area and is usually instructed by bank surveyors during the valuation of a property. A Specific Structural Inspection is a visual inspection of a particular structural problem or concern that may be raised by a professional body such as a RICS surveyor, a bank society or an individual home owner, and would include any related matters. It should be noted that parts of the property not related to the specific problem may not be inspected during the structural survey. However, if the Engineer were to identify any other structural problems or concerns during the course of the inspection, these might also be noted in the report.

The report details of what was inspected and found during the structural inspection and provides details for remedial works if required or what further investigations may be necessary. Where repairs/remedial works, or further investigations required, the report will give budget costs for these, if requested.

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