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Chimney repair Quote and cost

Repair your chimney to avoid weathering ad roof issues.

Work to be carried out: To rake out all existing mortar and moss on the chimney, repoint with 3-1 PVA mortar mix, remove the remaining mortar bed on top of the chimney and re-bed top of the chimney with a 3-1 PVA mortar mix securing chimney pots. Also, remove old lead work on the chimney and replace it with new thicker and more durable CODE-4 lead sealed into the correct brick course with lead mate sealant.

25 years guarantee.

The cost to repair the chimney is between £2,800.00 Plus Vat to £3,900.00 Plus Vat, depending on access, size and condition.

Get a free quote today.

020 388 72929

Chomeny requires remedial works:

Chimeny following remediation works:


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