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New Permitted development rights - Building upwards

The new permitted development rights are set to change the building scenery in London.

What are precisely the new rights?

Starting from the end of August 2020, a brand new permitted development right is allowing homeowners to build up to additional storeys to an existing dwelling consisting of at least two storeys or an additional storey when the existing dwelling is already one storey.

What are the Limitations?

The permitted development rights do not apply to the following:

-For building converted from commercial to residential under permitted developments

-For installation in conservation areas, national parks and SSSIs

-Building contracted after 28th of October 2018 or before 1948

-Where the existing house already been enlarged under permitted development or otherwise by an additional storey

Other restrictions:

-Total height with the extensions not to be more than 18m in total.

-For one storey the additional height not to be more than 3.m in total (in a bungalow you can build only one storey on top no more than 3.5m high including the roof).

-Build no higher than 3.5m from the highest part of the roof for semi-detached properties which shares a party wall and for terraces, every other building in the same row

-The structural elements should not be visible

-In walls or roof slopes no windows allowed and the pitch of the principal part must be the same

-As in every planning application, the condition is that the materials should match the exiting

What approvals are required?

Is a requirement to apply for prior approval of the LPA, taking into consideration the following:

-study in relation to the impact on the adjoining premises amenity including overlooking, privacy and the loss of light

-the architectural features and the external appearance of the principle and side elevation fronting a highway

-defence and air traffic impact assessment

Can I start construction prior to approval?

Construction can not start prior to formal approval.

How long is the planning permission valid for?

The construction must be completed within three years of approval

To obtain a lawful certificate prior to starting construction talk today with one of our experts. We will provide a 20 minutes free consultations to get a proper understanding of what is permitted and what are the restrictions.

Don't get the restrictions to get in the way from realising your home's future potential.

Contact us today on 020 3887 2929 or email us


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