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Structural Engineer Loft Conversion London

Loft Conversion

Favoured with your instruction, our first task will be to visit the property and establish the structural layout in the affected areas.

Our price includes a site visit, a structural survey to identify the load path,  calculations to check the capacity of the existing elements and the new proposed ones, including steel frame design, lintel design, padstone design, timber joists design for the roof and new floors and foundation capacity checks.

Planning sections - Proposed and Existing for a dormer conversion

3D Design - Existing Building

3D Design - Dormer Conversion

Loft Conversion During Construction

Our deliverables will comprise a set of general arrangement and detail drawings together with a set of structural design calculations. These will be suitable for your submission to the Local Authority for their review under Part A (Structure) of the Building Regulations and the contractor's construction purposes. When work is completed to our satisfaction, a Completion Certificate is issued within 5 working days. A completion certificate is a valuable document which will help when it comes time to sell the property in the future.

We typically are to able to complete the work within a week following our site visit.

Rest assured that we will assist you to achieve a slender structure answering all your questions along the way.


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