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Structural Engineer Report Cost

A common question is what is the cost for a structural engineering report. In this article, we will give an indication of the cost of obtaining a structural report for possible defects in your building.

The structural engineering reports could range from a site for a single crack to an inspection for the entire building.The structural engineering reports can be General Structural Inspection (GSI) or a Specific Structural Inspection (SSI).

The cost of the reports will depend on the size of the property and the typology of the report. A Specific structural report for a single defect such as cracks on the front wall or bay window is between £550.00 +Vat to £900,00 +Vat depending on the size of the property and location.

A general structural inspection that is a comprehensive report regarding all the visible structural elements of a building for a typical mid terrace house can range between £650.00 +Vat to £1,500.00 depending on the size of the building.

The structural reports are suitable for obtaining a loan or simply for your own peace of mind and safety. We include the cost for remediation, and we suggest obtaining insurance where required, especially when subsidence is present.

Obtain an accurate quote for a structural survey here.


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