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Underpinning Bay Window Subsidence Repair

Structures founded at comparatively shallow depths are susceptible to poorly managed surface water eroding the bearing of the subsoil. If escaping water from fractures, foul surface water drainage is allowed; this can lead to continuous movement in the foundations. Another reason for foundation movement is excessive loading without underpinning or roots from nearby trees.

The bay window is usually supported on shallower foundations compared with the rest of the property. Underpinning bay windows is necessary to stop it from having differential settlement and movement for the rest of the house.

The movement on the bay window occurs due to shallow foundations, vegetation and trees, and poor management of surface waters.

Minipiles are a solution we use. If underpinning to more than 2.5m, we'll be required. For underpinning up to 2.5m, we use the traditional underpinning method with a one-meter underpinning sequence technique.

The design process, including NHBC calculations, penetrometer test and loading down exercise, is part of the services we offer to determine the foundation size and depth required.

The cost for underpinning with a traditional method could range from £6,000.00 to £15,000.00 depending on the severity of the damage and depth required considering trees nearby.

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